Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Nostalgia Post


We often neglect the photo-snapping that we do on a daily basis. It's when we move on that we realize how much we value and appreciate such routines - happy or otherwise.
It's nearing the end of our (the first batch) first posting. Some may pass, some may get extended. But most importantly, we will graduate as one complete batch. Can't wait to meet you guys this December :)

Are you ready? It's Nostalgia Overload Time!

And here's the last kicker:

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Games of Life


I'm already 3 months into the medical posting; only 1 more month to go. A lot has happened in that time; so, here's a long post to summarize what I've gone through.

I've covered periphery (which can be translated as long walks along the hospital corridors all day long while getting irritating calls from O&G for medical review before discharge); the CCU/ICU/HDW (where the lucky critically ill patients end up; the unlucky ones get the acute beds in the general ward); the MOPD (sitting down while seeing stable patients is fun!) and more interhospital transfers.

BFMP course - what fun!


As I enter the second half of the posting, and as the seniors advance to other postings, and as first posters join the Medical Department, I get entrusted into the role of senior medical houseman.

Honestly, I still have a lot to learn - I have yet to master the basics of Internal Medicine and definitely am not qualified to guide - but seeing the way new housemen come into the ward: awkward, disoriented, stressed out, slow - it reminded me of how much I deperately needed guidance when I first arrived. And my seniors helped me. And so, like it or not, I had to teach the freshies. Nasib la kalau dapat silap ilmu - muahaha.

Foggy morning run is a blast in Temerloh.. at least, that's what I've heard.

My seniors said that I picked up fast for a first poster. But that's because I get scolded a lot, by various people. Sure, it's depressing to be called 'mangkuk ayun' in the middle of the night, but it's a blessing in disguise because I learned a lot from such incidents. Also, while it's good to learn from your own mistakes, it's better to learn from other people's mistakes.


It's viva assessment by two specialists. They toss you two/three scenarios (emergency or clinic setting) and you answer. Simple.

Anyway I failed the first but passed the second one.

Shocked? I was, when my HOD summoned me to his room to deliver the bad news and ask whether I had personal problems that I would like to share.

I said no.


I'm getting more adjusted to this lifestyle. Getting scolded has become less frequent as new targets start to appear *insert cheeky smile here*. Work has become relatively less. Reviews has become faster (not as fast as some of my seniors). ABGs much simpler to take nowadays. I've set up femoral lines but have yet to muster the confidence to offer myself for femoral or IJC insertion.

Juniors commented that I was unapproacheable in the first two months. I've got to admit that's true - the stress of working made me focused and less attentive to my surroundings. Also, grumpy-looking. But now I'm able to approach the juniors and chat with them (whenever I get the free time lah).

So, to those who commented that I look happy, yes, I am happy :)

Oh, did I mention that gossiping with the nurses is done on a regular basis? It's fun to hear the antics of the previous HOs, MOs and even the HOD. The one thing I've learned throughout my working experience is: never, never ever mess with the nurses.


I'm just 3 months away from getting hitched.

Transferring patients does have its benefits.

I've settled the necessary papers, now it's just to get the clothes done and work to earn a decent, halal salary to fund the whole affair. I'm saving hard, skipping lunch or dinner at times (sometimes it's because I overslept, sometimes it's because I wanted to save money, sometimes it's because I got bored from Temerloh's lack of variety). I've yet to even buy my own home theatre system plus the PS3. Heck, I've yet to repair my RROD-ed Xbox 360.

And oh, since I started working, I haven't played a single game despite having Crysis installed on my gaming laptop. I don't know whether it's because 1) I'm subconsciously trying to fit into my adult shoes, or 2) playing instead of studying makes me feel guilty, or 3) Internal Medicine is so damn tiring.

No gaming craving for now.. until Gears of War 3 and Assassin's Creed 2 Revelations come out for the PC, that is.


I had a near-death experience a few days ago when I lost control of my vehicle (the family's 17-year-old  blue Proton Wira), hit the right divider, turned and crashed into the left divider and subsequently plowed the hilly roadside.

I suffered a cerebral concussion (LOC for a few seconds, I think), minor cuts here and there.. and that was about it.
I was lucky (Mom said that God still has purposes for me) but the Wira wasn't. It suffered severe damage to the engine, frame, and boot. The cost of repairing it was beyond its present value, so we decided to let it go.

It was like losing a friend - a friend of 17 years.

Taken with Yunus' Galaxy S2's native camera.

So long, my friend..