Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Princess


Balqis Hannani - my little Princess, the Light of my Life.

DOB: 1/1/13 at Hosp Serdang. I was a HO in my fifth posting at that time.

FTSVD, BW 3.5kg. G6PD and cord TSH normal. BBG ?
(for those interested to know).

She's the first of a new generation who pushed everyone on the family tree up by one level.

The reason I look at teddy bears and dolls, previously just action figures.

The reason I look at dresses and headscarves, previously just T-shirts and jeans.

Sometimes, she looks like her mother.

At other times, she looks like her father.

Regardless of looks, I hope she expresses our good traits and suppresses our bad ones.

Regardless of traits, I pray she checks off all the developmental milestones at the right age.

Cruising - check. Walking independently - not yet.

She's the force nudging me to go to work everyday - to support this infantile nuclear family.

She's also the light beckoning me home after a hard day at work.

The moments we share, can't get enough of them.

Don't grow up so fast,

my little Princess.

* epic writer's block after a year starting MMed (Paeds); I'll do my best to write consistently