Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Ramadhan I'll Miss

It has been a very unnoticeable Ramadhan this year.

Iftar and Tarawih prayers at the hospital lobby last week.

Rushing to review patients, adapting to the system, the core subjects to learn in each discipline - they make you lose track of the progress of this holy month.

Ordered some tarts from the nurses for my post-shift junk food binge.

I miss the gathering of friends for iftar, the spiritual nights of Tarawih and Qiamullail, the peaceful atmosphere. Heck, I miss a lot of things.

I miss my kittehs :(

But that's part of moving on.

One day, you're a medical student being looked up by society; the next, you're a junior doctor, 
a low-life, ignorant and inept.

See you guys in late September!

Things get better in the long run. Once you know your way around the system, you'll find your niche.

A mix of paper and paperless work is as confusing as a man with vertigo navigating through KL city blindfolded.


The shift system allows for more personal time. Some spend it sleeping it off, others spend it with their loved ones. 

Me? I like to keep busy with my hobbies. It's one of the things that keep me looking forward to tomorrow.

When I first came to Temerloh, all my favourite activities came to an abrupt stop. It was a stressful and alien time. But after a month learning and adapting to this new phase of life, I found that I can live through this stage without that much negativity. So, one-by-one, I kick-started my hobbies.

I started off with my photography.

It's red in colour because it's hot commodity.

I snapped pictures on my smartphone regularly. I'm always on the lookout for those moving shots of hospital life. Only drawback is the medico-legal aspect of it. None can be revealed too much. 

Aside from snapping those pictures, I also look forward to the fun of editing, printing and scrapbooking my photos. You know, for my later years when I'm nostalgic and all.

Nostalgia looking at this picture and exclaiming how much hair I have back then.

For now, you'll have to be satisfied with still life. I'm still not comfortable showing pictures of sick people - especially those in dire conditions or pain.

Until then, here's pictures of dull Temerloh.

Happy Ramadhan, everyone!

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Hariry Ariffin said...

bro, ko duduk quarters eh?