Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Smartphone Lenses


I recently dabbled in the arts of online purchases and a whole new world of wallet-burning opened up in front of me! Usually, I'm a bit suspicious when it comes to online transactions but seeing that I'm not getting any younger, I threw caution to the wind this one time.

I bought a set of smartphone lenses from Photojojo for USD49 (that's about RM150).

It was a fun purchase. Experiencing the whole process from payment to delivery was an eye opener. After online payment via debit card, the items are packed and then delivered from the US to Malaysia. The package tracker was an anxiolytic - I got to know where my package was at the moment; no need to wonder whether it was still in the US, or got lost over the Atlantic ocean. And in fifteen days (faster delivery means more expensive fee), I got my lenses.

The way they work is by sticking a metal ring over the camera lens. The lenses have magnetic rims, so they automatically attach to the metal ring - on any phone! The magnetic power of the lens is adequate to support the lens despite significant movement, and it's easily detached. I dunno about the effects on the smartphone innards but so far so good.. haha.

I've been using the lenses for a week (mainly the fisheye lens) and here's some of the pictures.

So I guess it's goodbye to the Lomo Fisheye camera?

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